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Fire and Meat

By Eve Johnstone

Fire and Meat follows Grendel, the monster from the epic poem "Beowulf". As Grendel tends to her dying mother, a bumbling Dane named Unferth finds his way into their cave. The two struggle to understand their place in the world and in each other's lives as the events of "Beowulf" slowly unfold.

Claire Alridge - Grendel

Sawyer Shipman - Unferth

Danny Gray - Georg/Mother/Puppeteer

Lance Woolen -Tolf/Puppeteer

Production Team

Director - Eve Johnstone

Stage Manager - Madison Mondeaux

Puppet/Costume Designer - Danny Gray

Sound Design: Garrett Brown

Lighting Designer - Kevin Young

Costume Assistant - Alanna Archibald

Photos by David Kinder

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