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Trash Diggers

By Stephanie Woods

"Trash Diggers" is a play about seemingly incurable sadness. It is shown to us through the lens of Eugene, a scientist who is researching Wrangel Island, which is filled with the world's saddest people. His aim is to bring these people back to life through a system of memory retrieval, with the help of His field agent Pam, the WHAM machine, and a magic walrus. "Trash Diggers" is a playful approach to discussing the subject of depression and how we interact with mental illness, both as the people who suffer from it and the people who love them.

Sam Summer - Eugene

Jane Ferguson - Pam

Mckensie Rummel - Joan

Zero Feeney - Jelly

Trash Diggers - Eve Johnstone, Winston Bischof, Danny Gray

Production Team

Director - Stephanie Woods

Stage Manager - Madison Mondeaux

Puppet/Costumes - Danny Gray

Sound Design - Danny Chau

Lighting Designer - Amy Beery

Photos by David Kinder

"Fun and funny, profound yet playful, full of choice performances by a pitch-perfect cast... in brief, it's everything great about Portland theater."

 "AND THAT WALRUS. The way that thing moved, the MAGIC it added to the show and to the story...On this lonely, hardened, cold planet, you helped me feel a little bit less alone."

- Audience members

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