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Coho Lab 2018:

fire and meat

By Eve Johnstone

Selected artists for CohoLab receive a 20-30 hour workshop residency to develop their work and artist stipends are provided. Each Lab includes a private/invited showing for the artists to receive professional feedback, then culminates in a ticketed showing for a public audience.

Inspired by John Gardner’s Grendel, Fire & Meat explores the relationship between Grendel (a monster from the epic poem Beowulf) and her mother, as well as her own struggle to find her place in human society. Can a woman be a vessel for humanity, especially if a woman plays a character who is not clearly gendered, let alone human? Can this be a story of man vs. monster and the challenge of fitting into society, or does a woman carry with her connotations that cannot be erased?


Myia Johnson as Grendel

Eve Johnstone as Monster V.O.

Other Credits

Lead Artist - Eve Johnstone

Collaborator - Meredith Laubert

Collaborator - Danny Gray

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