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An Interlude in Birdsong

By Eve Johnstone

An Interlude in Birdsong examines the lives of three birds - Leo, Lorelai, and Zwigly - who are gearing up for winter in their forest home. With an egg near hatching and seeds stored away, everything is going according to plan, until a young boy in search of his pet rabbit enters their world. The show explores seed gathering techniques, the overwhelming notion of higher purpose, how different people cope with loss, and the ever-present struggle of figuring it all out.


Alanna Archibald - Zwigly

Jacquelle Davis - Lorelai

Carlyn Flint - The Rabbit

Kayla Hanson - The Boy

Rob Hill - Leo

Matt Sunderland - The Coyote

Other Credits

Director - Eve Johnstone

Stage Manager - Meredith Laubert

Set/Puppet Designer - Danny Gray

Lighting Designer - Trevor Sargent

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